Meiho Chibi Maru 56 Tenkara Line Holders
Meiho Chibi Maru 56 Tenkara Line Holder on tenkara rod.

Meiho "Chibi Maru" 56 Tenkara Line Holders

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Meiho "Chibi Maru" tenkara line holders allow you to control your line when the rod is collapsed. Collapse the rod, hook the fly in one of the notches, wrap the line around the yellow foam until there is about a foot of line left. Snug the line in one of the notches, and insert the rod tip through the side with the notches. Snug it up against the grip or let it hang while you carry the collapsed rod vertically (with the rod tip up). To be safe, insert the rod Tip Plug (if it will fit with the line still attached) or put on the Fuji Rod Cap.

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