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ZimmerBuilt Tenkara Strap Pack

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The Tenkara Strap Pack is designed to attach to the shoulder strap of the Tenkara Guide Sling, Tenkara Sling Lite or any other pack with shoulder strap webbing. The top opening and generous 6" x 4.5" x 2" dimensions allow easy access to a TenkaraBum Easy Grip fly box or C&F 1544 fly box, a Small Tenkara Line holder and two spools of tippet (sold separately). The front outside pocket will hold more tippet or small tools. The rear outside pocket will hold flat items like a package of tippet rings, a TipGrip or coiled line like the Nissin PALS SP Pro tapered fluorocarbon line. The Tenkara Strap Pack weighs just 1.5 oz. Two upper loops allow for easy connection of the supplied cord so the Tenkara Strap Pack can also be carried around your neck.