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Gamakatsu "Kawamushi" hooks. These are eyeless, barbless hooks specifically designed for nymph fishing - that's fishing with live nymphs collected from under rocks in the stream you are fishing. I have read that barbs on hooks were initially developed not to keep the fish on the hook, but to keep the bait on the hook. The problem with baits as delicate as live mayfly nymphs is that the barb just destroys the nymph. On these hooks there is a flattened section just behind the hook point - designed to hold the bait without creating such a large hole that the bait is destroyed. Similarly, they should help in holding fish without creating the damage that is caused by pulling the barbed hook back out. They are a Japanese size 4, similar to the Mainstream hooks (above) but the gape is not quite as wide. If you are looking for smaller, eyeless, barbless hooks these may be just what you are looking for.

15 hooks per package