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The Suntech Fine Power NP66 is a fabulous keiryu rod but it also makes a very good big water tenkara rod. And to be blunt about it, a lot of the streams that people routinely fish with a 12' tenkara rod could be fished with the 21'7" Fine Power NP66. Just keep your back casts over the stream and fish almost directly upstream. If overhead tree branches do not reach all the way across, you can fish quite effectively.

The first time I fished with the Fine Power NP66 was on a stream running about 75-80 CFS (cubic feet per second). The water was low and clear. Standing back, keeping low and fishing 20' of size 2.5 tenkara line was very effective. Being able to keep the line off the water (thanks to the long rod) made it much more effective than it would have been with a 20' line and a 12' rod.

Extended Length 23' 7" - 24' 11"
Collapsed Length 22 3/8"
Weight 6.0 oz
Sections 16
Tip Diameter .75mm
Grip Diameter 25mm
Tippet 10X - 5X
Pennies Too Long to Measure
Available by special order. Price will depend on $/¥ rate.