Package of Daiichi 1110 hooks.
Photo of Stewart Black Spider tied on size 26 hook, with dime as comparison.
Bead head Black Killer Bugger, size 20 or 26, shown on a finger for size comparison.

Daiichi 1110 Straight Eye Hooks, size 20

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The Daiichi 1110 hooks in sizes 26 for the smallest fish, and size 20 for larger micros, small sunfish and small trout are very well suited to tying black or white Killer Buggers. The black is closer to what the fish actually eat, but the white is easier to see when sight fishing. I have fished them with and without bead heads, but I generally use bead heads to make sure the fly penetrates the surface tension.

I have also had luck with Stewart Black Spiders tied on the Daiichi 1110 hooks.

The only time I have found micros to be selective regarding flies is with the Killer Buggers. The fly has to have a tail! When fishing with a Killer Bug (no tail) instead of Killer Bugger (with tail) my catch rate went way down. The tail does not have to be more than 2 or 3 or 4 marabou feather barbs, but it has to be there (at least in my experience).