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Your privacy is important to us. We will not share your email address with anyone for any reason (unless we get a subpoena from the cops or the Feds and we absolutely, positively have to).

If you are asking about an order, please include the order number.

If you are going to ask me "How long will it take to get here?" you have to tell me where "here" is. It could be anywhere from one day to one month, depending on where you live.

Please understand that I get LOTS of emails, more than I can answer right away and still ship packages on a timely basis. If you have an upcoming trip or a birthday, etc for which your NEED a quick answer, be sure to let me know in your request, preferably at the front, not at the bottom or hidden somewhere in the middle.

Please double check your email address. If there is a typo you will not receive my response. That happens a lot. Please be absolutely sure your email address is correct.

One more thing - no need to include your phone number. I do everything via email.