Clear Water Trout Fishing With Worm - Used

Clear Water Trout Fishing With Worm - Used

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Although there is  a real and widespread interest in the delicate work of clear water worm fishing, few writers have equaled Sidney Spencer's grasp of this fascinating branch of angling.

Originally published in the 1930s, and re-published as the second part of the author's Ways of Fishing (now out of print), this book shows how skill in river-craft and precise technique are both essential to ensure success.

H. F. & G Witherby Ltd, London 1977

Hardcover, 95 pages

8 3/4 x 5 3/4 in.

Very good condition. Dust jacket shows minimal wear.



1. Upstream Worming in Perspective

2. Rod and Tackle

3. Hooks

4. Baits and Baiting

5. When and Where to Fish

6. How to Fish

7. Bites and Their Interpretation

8. Approaching the Water - Wading - Concealment