Varivas Bait Finess PE
Varivas Bait Finess PE color scheme. Hi-vis yellow fo 4.5 meters, followed by green for .5 meter, repeating.

Varivas Bait Finess PE size .4

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  • Braided line designed specifically to pitch smaller lures.
  • Sensitivity & Low Stretch: transmitting the exact feedback from lure better than Nylon.
  • VARIVAS SP-F, Fluoride-based line coating, for reducing guide friction so achieving its casting distance in max.
  • Highly visible. Varivas describes the color as flash yellow, although to my eye it looks more like chartreuse or even light green. Each 5m section of line has 4.5m of the yellow (chartreuse) and .5m of dark green..
  • 7.4 lb