Package of fine Cultiva Micro Snap Swivels.

C'ultiva Micro Snap Swivel

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The Cultiva Micro Snap Swivels are indeed micro, no more than 1/2 inch long. They make changing lures quick and easy and also reduce line twist. Although I personally prefer fishing with spoons, spinners are very popular in the US, and the smaller sizes are perfect for fishing small streams. The biggest problem with them is the line twist that all inline spinners generate. All of them. When fishing with spinners you have two choices:

  1. respool with new line frequently, or
  2. use a swivel (and respool a little less frequently).

Inline spinners do catch fish, though, so people put up with the line twist. If you want to use spinners, I would highly recommend also using a snap swivel, and the Cultiva Micro Snap Swivel is the least obtrusive one you will find. Despite it's small size, it is rated at over 19 lb test! When finesse fishing with 2 or 3 or 4 lb line, you will never have to worry about the swivel failing.

Package of 4.