Daiwa Expert Seiryu 30

Daiwa Expert Seiryu 30

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The Daiwa Expert Seiryu 30 is an ideal rod for modest fish in small streams. It is a tip flex rod that could be described as a soft 7:3. I measure it at 11.5 pennies, which puts it a little firmer than the softest tenkara rods and a little softer than the firmest seiryu rods. It is just about what you would expect if you crossed a seiryu rod with a tenkara rod.

The rod has a cork grip. The grip is short for a tenkara rod, but no shorter than the grips on the Nissin Air Stage Fujiryu Tenkara rods. The grip makes the rod heavier than a seiryu rod of the same length, but the extra weight is all right at your hand. The rod feels "different" than a seiryu rod, but it doesn't feel heavy.

Daiwa recommends a wide range of tippets - from a fairly standard tenkara tippet of 5X all the way down to a "zero" keiryu tippet of 10X. The rod has a firm enough midsection that you could easily break 10X on the hook set if you aren't very careful, but the tip sections are soft enough to protect the light tippet if the fish are under 7-8". The midsection is firm enough that with 5X tippet, you should be able to land 12-14" fish.

I can certainly see why Daiwa would describe the Expert Seiryu rod as an "adult play" rod. At it's 9'10" length it would be most appropriate for small to very small streams, but it is very clearly a rod that will be fun to play with.


Expert Seiryu 30

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