Daiwa Sagiri seiryu rod

Daiwa Sagiri 45MC

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The Daiwa Sagiri are wonderfully light, delightfully soft, smooth casting seiryu rods. In Japan they would be used primarily to catch Japanese Dace and Pale Chubs (Oikawa) in gentle streams. In the US most people use the Sagiri to catch trout in mountain streams as well as sunfish in ponds and warmwater streams. Their actions and penny ratings make them quite suitable for tenkara fishing.

The Sagiri rods are "zoom" rods. The 39 can be fished at 11'5" or 13'0", and the 45 can be fished at 13'0" or 14'7".

Sagiri 45MC
  Length extended: 13'0" or 14'7"
Length collapsed: 23"
Weight (with tip plug): 2.5 ounces
Sections: 9
Percent Carbon: 98%
Recommended Tippet: 9X - 6X
Pennies: 14, 14