Dapping. A fly fishing technique. - Used

Dapping. A fly fishing technique. - Used

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by Don Miller

 From the introduction: My 40 years learning to catch that elusive large, dominant heavy-weight trout, that very few fly fishermen ever accomplish, is a never-ending pursuit - causing me many sleepless nights thinking: "If I was a large trout needing large meals to sustain life and energy, plus being cautious and wary, where would I reside?" Once I realized the answers to this question, I concluded that dapping was the only method that would work. If you apply all the techniques and methods described in this book over time, you will succeed. Some you will learn now and others you will learn with experience.

Forty years ago I started visually fishing for trout and discovered that it is the most challenging, frustrating (until you learn the techniques), and rewarding way of fly fishing. It pits you and the trout in an offensive and defensive relationship. You learn by visually observing what disturbs the trout and what doesn't. You have control on the size of fish you want to catch, when you want to catch it and when you don't. You spot and stalk large trout exclusively.

My experiences have provided me with the ultimate rewards - quietly observing large trout behavior in streams and learning the unique dapping techniques to take them primarily on large dry flies. The rewards are thrilling because they are all visual. I hunt the fish, present the fly in a special way and watch the take using techniques that are as valuable today as they were in the 16th century. I'd like to explain them as my gift to new generations of fly fishers.

Self published 2014
Paperback, 157 pages
11 x 8 1/2 in.

As new condition.




Fishing Wisdom from Dapping Don

About the Author


Chapter 1.  Pre-Locating

Chapter 2.  Locating

Chapter 3.  Stalking

Chapter 4.  Hooking - How Trout See

Chapter 5.  Landing, Handling and Releasing Alive

Chapter 6.  Flies - Dry and Wet

Chapter 7.  Different Drift Techniques - Dry and Wet

Chapter 8.  Casting if Needed

Chapter 9.  Equipment for Dapping and Fly Tying

Chapter 10. Personal Tying Tips

Chapter 11. Foods for Large Trout

Chapter 12. Keys for Dapping Success

Chapter 13. Large Trout - Thoughts and Tactics