Ebira Plus Rod Quiver, two tenkara rods, two line spools, tippet spool, clamps, nippers and small fly box.

Ebira Plus Rod Quiver

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The Ebira Plus Rod Quiver holds two tenkara rods, leaving your hands free for trekking poles or for climbing or taking pictures - or just free. In addition to the sleeve that holds your rods, the Ebira Plus also has a small, detachable pouch that will hold flies, lines, tippet, nippers, forceps, etc. With a couple pairs of Fuji EZ Keepers, your rods can be carried fully rigged, ready to go in seconds. 

Please note that the Ebira Plus is just a little to short to fully enclose most Daiwa tenkara rods or most seiryu rods. Because the Ebira Plus has a drawstring, it will still hold the rods securely, but about 1-1.5" of the rods will stick out. (All the Ebiras now come with black cords.)