Fishing for Buffalo- Used

Fishing for Buffalo- Used

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by Rob Buffler and Tom Dickson

Is a carpsucker a carp or a sucker? Where can you find the largest eelpout in the United States? Can you catch creek chubs and fry them for supper?

These questions and more are answered within the pages of Fishing for Buffalo. Rob Buffler and Tom Dickson dispel myths and rumors about rough fish with credible biological information while also demonstrating the  joy of angling for nontraditional fish. Its wealth of information qualifies this book as a fishing bible for the growing number of rough fishing enthusiasts in the United States and makes it easy to identify the rough fish you may catch. It even includes a sampling of Dickson and Buffler's favorite recipes, such as Burbot Boulangère and Deviled Grilled Cisco. Rough Fish may be a lot of things -- ugly, unruly or elusive -- but as Fishing for Buffalo reveals, they are definitely not boring.

University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis MN 2009
Paperback, 200 pages
9 3/4 x 8 3/8 in.

As new condition.



1.  Roughfishing in America

2.  Burbot

3.  Suckers

4.  Freshwater Drum

5.  Carp

6.  Sturgeon

7.  Catfish and Bullheads

8.  Whitefish and Cisco

9.  Gar

10. Others

11. Recent Exotics

      References and Resources

      Roughfish Life List