Fishing with Live Bait - Used

Fishing with Live Bait - Used

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By Dick Sternberg

From the introduction: Simply stated, the goal of Fishing With Live Bait is to improve your skills as a live-bait angler. The opening section introduces you to the terminal tackle and other equipment you'll need.

Following this are sections on fishing with baitfish, worms and leeches, insects, salamanders and frogs, crustaceans and even clams. Because this book broadly defines live bait to include cut-baits, frozen baits and preserved natural baits you'll also find information about fishing with salmon eggs, fish parts and preserved baits.

This book doesn't go into detail on where and when to catch gamefish. Although some basic techniques are briefly covered, the focus of this book is on effectively choosing and rigging live baits for the gamefish you want to catch.

Cowles Creative Publishing, Minnetonka MN 1982
Hardcover, 160 pages
11 x 8 1/2 in.

As new condition. No signs of wear.



Equipment for Live-bait Fishing


Worms & Leeches


Salamanders and Frogs


Other Natural Baits