Meiho Lure Case SS

Meiho Lure Case SS

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The Meiho Lure Case SS is a relatively small case, 4" x 3" x 1", that has four removable dividers. There are five possible slots in which to put the dividers, so there is quite a bit of flexibility in setting up the case.

I would probably use three of the dividers, making four compartments of nearly equal size. Set up that way, each compartment would hold one 50mm minnow lure, whether a Daiwa Dr. Minnow or Duo Spearhead Ryuki. Each compartment would hold two of the Daiwa Silver Creek 44S minnow lures or two of the Daiwa Step Dart 40S lures. Additionally, each compartment would hold several of the 4g Daiwa Crusader spoons.

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