Nissin Suica Ryuko 240

Nissin Suica Ryuko 240

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The Nissin Suica Ryuko is a genryu rod and comes in lengths from 2.1 to 5.4m. I had ordered one each of the 2.1 and 2.4m length rods to see if they would be good replacements for the Shimotsuke Kiyotaki, which I believe has been discontinued.

I have decided not to carry them because they are quite a bit stiffer than I had expected. They are really too stiff to cast like tenkara rods. An underhand pendulum cast that just swings the weight (whether a bead head fly or a split shot and float) out as far as you can reach will prove to be more appropriate.

They would be ideal for fishing in places where one fish might be a 3" sunfish but the next might be a 12" bass. The last few sections are quite soft, and a 3" sunfish will make the tip dance. There is plenty of reserve power, though, for larger fish.

They are not "cheap" rods by any means, and normally would sell for significantly higher prices.

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