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The Nissin Tenkara Mini is a modification of the Nissin Pocket Mini V3. It is extremely compact, collapsing to less than 10" long. It will easily fit in any daypack and is both small enough and light enough to take anywhere. It isn't a big fish rod, but should handle 12" trout without a problem.

The most obvious difference between is the new Tenkara Mini and the Pocket Mini is that the Tenkara Mini has a cork grip and the Pocket Mini doesn't.There are other, minor differences, but that is the one that matters.

The recommended tippet range is stronger for the Tenkara Mini (5X-3.8X) than for the Pocket Mini (10X-6.5X), but I am not at all sure the rod is any stronger. I would use a lighter tippet than Nissin recommends.

Please note that the tip and the first few sections are extremely thin. If you are careful and mindful, you should have no problem with the rod. If you are hard on your equipment you should look for a rod that is more robust.

Nissin Tenkara Mini 320

Length Extended  11'11"
Length Collapsed  9 5/8"
Weight (with tip plug)  2.3 oz
Weight (without plug)  2.2 oz
Sections  20
Pennies  TBD