Owner Hakushin Ayu Esa hooks

Owner Hakushin Ayu Esa Hooks

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The Owner Hakushin Ayu Esa hooks have a very similar size and shape to the hooks used for traditional Ayu kebari. "Esa" suggests that they are bait hooks, but there is no reason why you couldn't tie flies on them (after all, most traditional tenkara flies were tied on bait hooks). The hooks are barbless and snelled.

With a gold bead, an extremely sparse (only 6 barbs!) single turn of hackle and a body of pheasant tail and brightly-colored tying thread, the resulting fly will resemble an Ayu fly. In Japan the Ayu flies are not used for trout, but I have to believe would work quite well for both trout and panfish.

20 hooks per package

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