Palms Thumb Shad. Color: Stream Shad
Palms Thumb Shad

Palms Thumb Shad TS39 Stream Shad

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The Palms Thumb Shad is a suspending minnow lure designed for trout fishing in mountain streams. Most JDM minnow lures are either floating or sinking, so you are always at risk of not getting the lure deep enough or getting too deep and getting it caught in rocks.  The Palms Thumb Shad is a nice option when you want it to get down a bit, but then stay around that depth. Having single hooks also reduces the chance that the Thumb Shad will get hung up on rocks or sunken logs. A steady retrieve is standard, although you can add gentle pulses to get an irregular darting action. The molded plastic lip is stronger than on most minnow lures, reducing the chance that it will break if an errant cast lands on rocks.