Rodio-craft CHA2 jr .9g No.63

Rodio-craft CHA2 jr .9g No.63

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The Rodio-craft CHA2 jr. .9g No.63 spoon looks almost like a gold beetle. The shape is a little more like a Colorado spinner blade than a traditional spoon.

At just 1/2" long and 1/3" wide, it is the smallest spoon I have found. Still, at .9g it is almost twice as heavy as the Blinde Flanker .5g spoon. With a UL or XUL rod and a 2lb or 2.5lb line, they should cast very nicely indeed.

The CHA2 jr. spoons come with a single barbless light wire hook that is extremely sharp.

Length 1/2", width 1/3"