Shimano Soare CI4+ Ajing S408UL-S

Shimano Soare CI4+ Ajing S408UL-S - Used

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Type Ajing
Length 4'8"
Sections 2
Breakdown Length 29"
Rod Weight 1.6 oz
Line Weight 1 - 3 lb
Lure Weight 1/70 - 1/4 oz (.4 - 8g))

Made in Indonesia

Most ajing rods are long, well over 6 feet. The Shimano Soare CI4+ Ajing S408UL-S is just 4'8". That's stream-rod length, and actually the rod makes a nice little trout rod for small streams. The most surprising thing, to me is that a stiff rod - and the rod does feel surprisingly stiff - can cast a light lure so well. This rod could cast a .4g Daiwa Vega spoon better than Daiwa's XXUL area rods. There is just enough flex in the rod tip to propel the light lure well. A heavier lure, like a 2.5g spoon, just goes like a bullet. I can almost guarantee that your first cast will be in the trees on the far bank. Do be careful when you take the rod out for the first time.

If you want a shorter rod that will absolutely excel at fishing with a light line and light lures, this one should be high on your list.