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The Lure of the Little

by Ron P. Swegman

Small Fry: The Lure of the Little is a literary study of small fish and small waters; a survey of fly fishing literature, and a personal memoir contrasting youthful fishing stories with contemporary angling adventures. The author's search for small fry on the fly takes him to places as remote as the small streams in the Appalachian Mountains and as urban as the ponds in Manhattan's Central Park. Laced with the humor and the poetry of experience, Small Fry reveals why "the lure of the little" is a passion worth catching.

The Whitefish Press, Cincinnati OH 2010
Paperback, 117 pages
9 x 6 in.

Condition - As new. No sign of wear


                   Prologue:  These Lines

Chapter 1   The Lure of the Little

Chapter 2   Presenting Brookus Bassa; The Smallmouth Bass

Chapter 3   Presenting Rob-fin redbreast; The Redbreast Sunfish

Chapter 4   Presenting Solid rocky; The Rock Bass

Chapter 5   Presenting Small star; The Green Sunfish

Chapter 6   Presenting Little buddies; The Largemouth Bass and Bluegill

Chapter 7   Presenting White lightning; The White Perch

Chapter 8   Presenting Panfish intenationale; The Yellow Perch

Chapter 9   Presenting Mighty Minnow; The Creek Chub

Chapter 10 Presenting Small Wonder; The Brook Trout

Chapter 11 Scaled-down Gear

Chapter 12 A Bamboo Baptism

Chapter 13 Thoughts on Knots

Chapter 14 The Little Angler

                   Epilogue: Fine Lines (Further Reading)


                   About the Author