Spin Fishing for Trout - Used

Spin Fishing for Trout - Used

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Strategies & Tactics for Success

The Perspective of Multiple Anglers
"My goal with this book was to assemble the experience and perspectives of multiple professional trout anglers. These anglers sell their services or products to average fishermen and have gained a volume of knowledge based on 30, 40 or even 50 years of spin fishing experience. Why settle for one angler's perspective when a number of anglers can provide different insights from various levels to readers?" -- David Dirks

by David Dirks

The Dirks Group, Inc., Westtown NY 2013
Paperback, 116 pages
9 x 6 in.

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About our Contributors

 1.   Spin Fishing Equipment: A Pro's Perspective

 2.   Common Mistakes and How to Correct Them

 3.   Favorite Seasonal Lures and Tactics

 4.   Lure Performance: Spinners and Spoons

 5.   Common Water Structures and How to Fish Them

 6.   Fishing Small Lakes, Brooks and Ponds

 7.  Color and its Impact on Lure Selection

 8.   Weather and its Impact on Lure Selection

 9.   Tactics for Fishing Pressured Water

10.   Tactics for Targeting and Catching Larger Trout

11.   When to Change Lures and Tactics

12.   Angler Behavior: Doing the Right Thing on the Water

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