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Spinner Magic! - Used

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Ultimate Moving-Water Lure

Trout - Steelhead - Salmon

by Jim Bedford

The flashing blade of a weighted spinner seems to mesmerize fish and entice  them into striking. These lures don't resemble any natural prey but predatory fish -- especially trout and salmon -- find them irresistible.

Spinners are easy to cast and retrieve and, if they spin, they will catch steelhead and trout! But there are a lot of subtleties to fishing spinners well in rivers and streams -- and Spinner Magic! will help you become a master spinner-angler.

Over the past 45 years, Jim Bedford has plied the rivers and creeks of North America for tens of thousands of hours with a spinner on the end of his line. He is a retired environmental scientist with degrees in fisheries biology so there is a lot of science behind his techniques and he has held nothing back in writing Spinner Magic! Everything from understanding the habits of the trout and salmon species to reading and matching the water, even crafting your own spinners is included.

Whether you're a seasoned spinner-fisherman or a complete novice at spinner-tossing, Spinner Magic! will greatly enhance your overall success on the water.

Frank Amato Publications, Portland OR 2010
Paperback, 72 pages
11  x 8 1/2 in.

Condition near new. Very minor signs of wear.


About the Author

Chapter 1.    Why Fish Spinners?

Chapter 2.    Spinner Fishing Tackle and Techniques

Chapter 3.    Matching the Conditions

Chapter 4.    Reading and Covering Water

Chapter 5.    Aggressive and Save Wading

Chapter 6.    Fishing Spinners From a Floating Craft

Chapter 7.    Steelhead Biology & Habits; Best Spinners & Techniques

Chapter 8.    Salmon Biology & Habits; Best Spinners & Techniques

Chapter 9.    Trout Biology & Habits; Best Spinners & Techniques

Chapter 10.  Making Your Own Spinners

Chapter 11.   Landing & Releasing

Chapter 12.   Cast & Retrieve Alternatives

Chapter 13.   Putting it all Together