Spoon Fishing For Steelhead - Used

Spoon Fishing For Steelhead - Used

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by Bill Herzog

One of the most effective ways to hook steelhead ( as well as salmon) is with a spoon. Bill Herzog covers  the full range of spoon fishing techniques for the full  year, going into finishes, sizes, weights, shapes, water temperature differences, winter and summer fish differences, commercial and custom spoons, spoon parts suppliers and reading water. Scores of color photos along with many line drawings, graphs and other illustrations. If you like to fish for steelhead and salmon you will find the information this book to be invaluable - regardless of how you fish (with fly, bait, plug, spinner, jig or bobber). This is a very revealing, post-graduate fishing technique book sure to please!

Frank Amato Publications, Portland OR 1993
Paperback, 64 pages
11 x 8 1/2 in.

As new condition - no sign of wear.



Chapter 1   Steelhead Spoons

Chapter 2   Why Spoons Over Other Methods

Chapter 3   Techniques for Fishing the Spoon

Chapter 4   Winter Steelhead: Silver & Gold

Chapter 5   Summer Steelhead: The Great Reward

Chapter 6   The Tools: Rods, Reels, Line, Hooks and Swivels

Chapter 7   The Road to Becoming a Successful (Spoon) Fisherman

Chapter 8    Last Cast