Streamer Tying and Fishing - Used

Streamer Tying and Fishing - Used

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Second Edition

By Joseph D. Bates, Jr.

From the front flap: Soon after it was published, Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing by Joseph D. Bates, Jr. became the definitive work on tying and fishing streamers and bucktails. This expanded edition of a fly-fishing classic makes available once again the complete text and color plates of Bataes's original book, in addition to stunning new color plates by Michael D. Radencich, a foreword by Keith Fulsher, artwork by Milton C. Weiler, and notes on dozens of patterns as well as historical information on the originators and tiers.

Illustrated with flies collected by Bates, this book features patterns for more than three hundred streamers and bucktails. The essentials of a good fly, the author tells us, are "form, flash, and action." This book is filled with good flies -- From Theodore Gordon's Bumblepuppies, Carrie Stevens's and Herbie Welch's Rangeley Streamers, and Bill Edson's Tigers, to Keith Fulsher's Thunder Creek Series, Bill Catherwood's Giant Killers, and more.

Stackpole Books, New York 1995
Hardbound, 395 pages
9 1/4 x 6 1/4 in.

Good condition. Minor wear on dust jacket.





PART ONE  The Tactics and Tackle for Fishing with Streamers

I.    Why Fish Take Streamers

II.   Streamers, Simple and Otherwise

III.  How to Select Streamers

IV.  How to Fish Streamers in Fast Water

V.   How to Fish Streamers in Slack Water

VI.  Western Salt Water Streamer Fishing

VII.  Eastern Salt Water Streamer Fishing

VIII. Southern Salt Water Streamer Fishing

IX.   Notes on Types of Dressings

PART TWO  The History and Dressing of Famous Patterns