Sunlne Honryu Tenkara Line - Beginner
Illustration of Sunline Honryu Tenkara Line - Beginner, showing 5m of size 4.5 line, 2m taper and 1m size 1.5 line

Sunline Tenkara Tapered Line - Long Cast

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The Sunline Honryu Tenkara Line - Long Cast is an 8m knotless single filament fluorocarbon line that tapers from size 4.5 down to size 1.5. Starting from the end that attaches to the rod, there is 5m of level size 4.5 line, then a 2m length that tapers from 4.5 down to 1.5, then a 1m length of level size 1.5 line. The butt section of the Long Cast line is thicker and longer than in the Extra Cast line, producing a heavier line which will be easier to cast and better for beginners.

The line is clear, suggesting that you will not watch the line for twitches, but instead will fish the fly near the surface so you can see the take, and will fish a line that is tight enough to feel many takes also.

If you wish to shorten the line to use it in narrower streams, cut from the butt end of the line.