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The first time I fished the 44 I was keiryu fishing rather than tenkara fishing, and found the ability to fish the rod at three lengths to be very handy indeed. I probably fished it a bit more at 4 meters than 3.6 or 4.4, but I definitely used all three lengths. For a moderately small stream, the 3.6, 4.0 and 4.4 meter lengths proved to be ideal. There were very few spots where I would have wanted a shorter rod, and none where I wanted a longer rod. For a small stream keiryu rod, the Suntech Field Master 44 is very nice. (That is, after all, what it was made for.)

Length extended: 11'11", 13'2" 14'2"
Length collapsed (with tip cap): 21"
Weight: (with tip cap) 3.1 oz (without tip cap): 2.8 oz
Sections: 10
Recommended Tippet: 7X - 6X
CCS penny measurement: 3.6m: 27; 4m: 29; 4.4m 29.5