Suntech Field Master
Suntech Field Master 53 with rainbow trout

Suntech Field Master II 53

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I've only fished a Field Master 53 a few times, but if you are looking for a two handed rod for either flies or bait, the Field Master 53 is a fine choice. It has the same fit and finish as the shorter Field Masters (as all the Suntech rods for that matter).

There seems to be a general consensus that zoom rods are more pleasant to fish with at their shorter lengths rather than fully extended. When it comes to two handed rods, though, I think the opposite is true. I believe the Suntech Field Master 53 is nicer at full extension.

Rods don't feel tip heavy when casting two handed, and the extra length provides substantially more inertia, making the rod slower and giving you a lot of tactile feedback. Whereas I fished the Field Master 44 at all three lengths, I have fished the 53 at full extension most of the time. 

Length extended: 14'11", 16'2" 17'4"
Length collapsed (with tip cap): 21" (fits a standard Ebira)
Weight: (with tip cap) 4.7 oz (without tip cap): 4.3 oz
Sections: 12
Recommended Tippet: 7X - 6X
CCS penny measurement: 4.5m: 33; 4.9m: 33; 5.3m 33