Suntech Grayce II NP52, front end of grip section.
Grip screw cap
Suntech Grayce II NP52 and rainbow trout
Suntech Grayce II NP52 rod tip - no lillian

Suntech Grayce II NP52

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The Suntech Grayce II is a very nice keiryu rod that could double as a honryu tenkara rod.

I caught my first redhorse on a Suntech Grayce II. One of the nice things about the Suntech Grayce II is the wide range of tippets it can handle -  from 9X all the way to 5X. On the day I caught the shorthead redhorse, I had been fishing 6X tippets with a different rod. I had hooked several redhorse but every one broke off. I switched to the Grayce II, kept the size 3.5 fluorocarbon line and Killer Bug, but switched to 5X tippet - and landed the next redhorse. Another nice thing about the Suntech Grayce II is that at 31 or 32 pennies, depending whether you are fishing the rod at its 4.7m length or 5.2m length, it can handle good sized fish.

The following month, I used the Grayce II again, this time on a stream closer to home and as a keiryu rod, drifting a small red wiggler through pocket water on an extremely light line. The trout weren't nearly as big (or as spirited), but the Grayce II performed admirably. It can handle 9X tippet, which is as light as you could ever possibly need.

Length Extended
Length Collapsed
Weight (w/o tip cap)
Tip Diameter
Grip Diameter

15'8" - 17'0"
22 3/8"
3.2 oz
.75 mm
24.8 mm
9X - 5X
31 - 32