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Suntech Kurenai HM63R

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The Suntech Kurenai rods are just delightful rods for little wild brookies (or greenbacks, or goldens, or redbands). They are to the average tenkara rod what a tenkara rod is to the average fly rod. They are light, they are sensitive, they are incredibly fun to fish with.

The longest of the Kurenai rods, the HM54R and HM63R are fun rods for modest fish in bigger waters. They are the lightest rods you'll find for their length. Who would have thought a 21' rod would weigh less than 4 ounces?

New York stocks 9 1/2 to 10 1/2 inch trout. These rods are just ideal for those fish, and also for the holdovers, which are generally in the 13-14" range. Coach has caught 15+" trout on his HM39R and I'm sure the longer rods could handle fish a bit larger than that.

I think they would also be ideal for fishing ponds or lakes for bluegills and crappies or pretty modest bass. I would stay with the Fujino 6.5X tippet from Japan, right at the Japanese line size .5, which is the most the rods are rated for.

You can use the longest of the Suntech Kurenai rods for keiryu fishing if you know the waters and know you will not hook any large fish.

For modest fish in bigger water, it just doesn't get any better!

Tip Dia.
Butt Dia.

3.7 oz
21' 0"

*without tip plug