Suntech Lillian Spin 0.6mm
Suntech Lillian Spin 0.8mm

Suntech Lillian Spin

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Replacement swivel that connects lillian to rod tip.

The .55mm size fits the Kurenai rods.

Use .6mm size for TenkaraBum Traveler rods and GM Keiryu Special rods.

Use .8mm size for TenkaraBum 33, 36 and 40.


Mix a little 2-part epoxy (the kind that comes in a dual plunger syringe at any hardware store is fine) and dip the last 1/4" of the rod tip into it. You don't need a lot, so you may want to wipe a bit off if it is very thick. Slide the Lillian Spin onto the rod tip, twisting it as it goes on to make sure the glue forms a good bond between the metal and the rod tip. Slide it on slowly, so you can wipe away the excess before it gets to the spinning part of the swivel. Let it cure at least overnight before collapsing the rod.