Suntech Sawanobori Cho Kotsugi collapsed
Suntech Sawanobori Cho Kotsugi (partially extended)

Suntech Sawanobori Cho Kotsugi 45

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With a collapsed length of only 14 5/8", the Sawanobori Cho Kotsugi 45 offers the convenience of the Genryuko with a much smoother bend profile that is between the mid flex Keiryu Sawanobori and the tip flex Genryu Sawanobori. Designed as a keiryu rod for the headwaters, it will easily handle heavily weighted flies. Should make a great Czech nymphing rod for two or three heavy flies.

Length Extended - 14'9"
Length Collapsed - 14 5/8"
Weight with cap - 3.4 oz
Weight w/o cap - 2.8 oz
Sections - 15
Pennies - 33