The Art of Fishing With Worms - Used

The Art of Fishing With Worms - Used

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And Other Live Bait

By Harold F. Blaisdell

A modern guide to the oldest form of fishing -- a first resort for some anglers, a last resort for others, but seldom practiced by anyone with the skills revealed by Harold. F. Blaisdell.

Mr. Blaisdell, himself an ardent fly fisherman, not only does not scorn "the garden hackle," but has raised the use of live bait to an art form. In this book he passes on a lifetime of practice with worms, minnows, 'hoppers hellgrammites, and other natural baits used on all kinds of fresh-water game fish.

Here is an unusual book that combines modern tackle and methods with an old-timer's tricks and gear -- a key to expertise in a sometimes underappreciated form of fishing.

Alfred A. Knopf, New York NY 1977
Hardcover, 241 pages
11 x 8 1/2 in.

Good condition, except dust jacket is torn and taped. Price sticker on back cover.



1  The challenge

2.  The starting point

3  In behalf of bullheads

4  A preliminary look at trout

5  Downstream worming

6  Delicate but deadly!

7  Trout in still water

8  Bass

9  The easy art of spinner making

10 The "secret" of snelling

11 Walleyes

12 Northern pike and pickerel

13 Bait

14 The mystery of scent

15 New tools of the trade

16 From stringer to table

17 In gratitude