The Colonial Angler's Manual of Flyfishing & Flytying - Used

The Colonial Angler's Manual of Flyfishing & Flytying - Used

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by Ken Reinard

"You will find Ken Reinard's writings to be a fascinating look at the early history of flyfishing. A very enjoyable and interesting read for both fly fishermen and history buffs. The most thorough coverage of this area I've seen in my 50 years of fly fishing. Ken has done an excellent job of research and presentation." -- Leon Chandler, Cortland Line Company

"Ken has participated in programming here at Colonial Williamsburg, and I have been intrigued with his work. Fly Fishermen are known for their passionate attachment to the sport. Seldom, though, does that passion extend to the history of the sport. Ken Reinard combines his love of angling  with historical scholarship and his devotion to living history. By rediscovering and practicing the eighteenth century art of the fly fisherman, Ken returns to us part of our heritage." -- William E. White, Director, Historic Area Presentation & Tours,
                                          Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Fox Chapel Publications, Lancaster PA 1995
Paperback, 106 pages
10 x 8  in.

Near new condition - minimal sign of wear. Signed by the author.



Chapter One: A Colonial Angler's Humble Beginnings

Chapter Two: A Brief History of Colonial Angling

Chapter Three: The Mentors of the Colonial Angler

Chapter Four: The Colonial Angler

Chapter Five: The Pliant Rod

Chapter Six: The Horse-tail Flyline

Chapter Seven: The Bended Hook

Chapter Eight: The Properly Dressed Fly

Appendix A: Trail of History

Appendix B: Bibliography

Appendix C: Acknowledgements