The Soft-Hackled Fly Addict - Used

The Soft-Hackled Fly Addict - Used

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by Sylvester Nemes

From the front flap: Thousands of trout fishermen are now truly addicted to the soft-hackled fly - the simple, sober artificial trout fly, presented to America in the author's first book on the subject, The Soft-Hackled Fly, 1975.

Novices and experts alike found the soft hackle easy to tie, easy to fish and highly effective in streams from east to west. That theme was often repeated in more than a hundred letters to the author. To one of them, he responded, "Once you become addicted to the fly, you'll find it difficult to fish anything else."

Stackpole Books, Mechanicsburg PA 1993
Hardbound. 125 pages
9 1/4 x 86 1/4 in.

As new condition - no sign of wear.



Chapter I.  Masters of the Soft-Hackled Fly: Pritt and Edmonds and Lee

Chapter II:  Pritt's patterns

Chapter III:  Pritt on fishing, and the case of the bloas

Chapter IV:  Edmonds and Lee: Matching artificials to naturals

Chapter V:  Modern, soft-hackled fly fishing methods

Chapter VI:  Soft-hackled flies, revisited and refined

Chapter VII:  Upper Big Blue - A short story